So Simple 

So Simple Shave Ice is an all-natural treat made with fresh produce and simple ingredients. Naturally vegan and gluten free, So Simple is an exploration of local flavors crafted into a treat for everyone to enjoy together. The more time we spend outside, appreciating the simple gifts nature offers, the better choices we will make for the long run. 

Design and architectural rendering of the cart was done by Kenneth Walton. The cart was built by Nate with the assistance of Bailey in their friends' garage in the Spring of 2016. Graphic art is credited to Nicole Peloquin

Bailey & Nate

Portland, OR has a lot to offer and exploring it is my joy. I draw inspiration from the environment with interest in curating flavors by the current season: rhubarb in the spring, luscious berries in the early summer, and stone fruit later. My background is as a visual artist, an apparel designer, and an ice cream advocate. Originally from the other side of the river in Vancouver, WA, Portland has been a wonderful home to me, my husband, Nate, our dog and two cats. Nate is a production technical director and freelance, theater-technician in Portland. We married in 2014 and have loved realizing big ideas together.